Key Partners

This is a non-exhaustive list as some partners have not been announced yet


As our launchpad and incubator of Shockwaves, Seedify is our main partner and advisor. In addition to the IDO, Seedify provides key partnerships with service providers and influencers as well as marketing and precious advises.

Elixir Games

As one of the largest platforms for Web3 games, Elixir is one of our central partners for the deployment of Shockwaves. Due to it's active community and high quality software, Elixir will be the main platform of Shockwaves for the Alpha and Beta versions.


Decubate provided a transparent, easy to use and battle-tested solution for the Neuros staking platform. It saved the project development time and helped us focus on Shockwaves key differentiating factors.


Ruglabz is one of the first project to have their NFTs included in the Arcade and are a close partner for Shockwaves.

Team Finance

As we believe transparency is key, we have worked closely with Team Finance to lock and vest tokens in a verifiable way according to the announced release schedule.

BNB Chain

As the primary blockchain for the Neuros, the BNB chain is central to Shockwaves. They also have provided us marketing support and outreach to other partners.


Also a project incubated at Seedify, Shockwaves has been integrated into ChainGPT's AI to provide useful answers on Telegram.

Shadow Labs

We have partnered with Shadow Labs for the creation of high quality marketing assets for the project.

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