Land Ownership

Algorithmically Generated and Customizable

Disclaimer: The project is in development so details are subject to change.

The maps of Shockwave are generated procedurally to create interesting gameplay at every match. The map generation process is such that maps are profoundly different in their look and how they are played.

Each map can be owned and traded as an NFT.

Benefits of owning land

The land contains advertisement space that can be used to display any images, with some limited filtering, that the owner wants to display.

The owner of a piece of land in Shockwave will earn a percentage of the token rewards earnt on that land. These benefits can be withdrawn at any time provided that the owner pays the gas fee.

The owner of a space can modify the playlist of music that will be played on it which impacts the gameplay.

Players voting for maps

At the end of each game, players can rate how they enjoyed the map they have played and it will have an impact on which map will be selected when an other game starts.

Each map has a chance to be played but the probability will depend on the rating of that map. It incentivizes land owners to chose a good music playlist and display ads wisely so that it is creates a pleasant experience for the players. It will also make some pieces of land more valuable than others which stimulates the trading of land NFTs.

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