Sustainable Reward System

The ultimate goal of Shockwave is to create a sustainable in-game economy where a large portion of the players are not just playing to earn but also ready to add money and tokens to the ecosystem, which is central to have a solid game economy.

The in-game currency is the Neuros token, which can be owned and traded on chain as an BEP-20 token on the BSC blockchain.

A hybrid currency

Having each minor in-game gain on the blockchain would lead to important gas fees and would require each new player to create a wallet if they don't have one. We want to make the blockchain integration as simple as possible for new players.

In-game rewards will be given in the form of xNeuros and lootboxes which won't be directly on chain but on the game database. The xNeuros can be used to open lootboxes which contain weapons and armors. Players will on average receive more lootboxes than what they can open using their xNeuros.

Neuros tokens can be transmuted into xNeuros at a rate of currently 1 Neuros : 10 xNeuros. This process is not reversible so xNeuros earned in-game won't create selling pressure on the Neuros.

Lootboxes of Tokenizable items

Lootboxes require xNeuros to be opened and contain weapons, armors and xNeuros. While the xNeuros cannot be transferred, the items received can be tokenized as NFTs on Polygon and traded on the open market.

As players receive more lootboxes than they can open with the xNeuros the earn on average, the game creates demand for xNeuros and therefor Neuros tokens to open those lootboxes that are left.

The opening of the lootboxes is gamified to make it exciting for players.

Utility for other communities

Our goal is to be at the center of the blockchain ecosystem so it is essential to create partnerships with other good blockchain projects.

To do so we will give utility to other NFTs by making them either usable as in-game items or by allowing them to claim a corresponding asset. It would be beneficial for the Shockwaves project as it would bring visibility to the project and a well targeted user base.

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