Weapons and Armors

Disclaimer: The project is in development so details are subject to change.

Weapons in Shockwaves can be found in lootboxes that require a xNeuros price to open.

Each weapon that is gained will have generated stats and a different color pattern within the same kind of weapon.

There are different stats that a weapon can have:

  • Damage

  • Range

  • Armor penetration

  • Accuracy

  • Fire rate

  • Music resonance (how much the music intensity affects the weapon's damage)

The variations in stats of weapons will make them all almost unique which helps making them more interesting to trade on secondary markets.


Armors can be found in lootboxes like weapons. They grant an additional protection which reduces the damage taken buy the player who equips them.


Weapons and Armors earned in-game can be tokenized as NFTs on Polygon. That way they can be freely exchanged from wallets and traded on decentralized platforms like OpenSea. A small Matic fee is taken from the tokenization transaction to ensure that only assets of some value are tokenized.

Tokenized items have an interactive experience into the trading platforms.

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