We are a team united by years of collaborations and successful projects. We have acquired a long experience of carrying projects from A to Z and we develop everything internally and generally without the need for freelance. This allows us to imagine developing projects that are infeasible for other teams in a few days. But don’t take our word for it and check out our previous achievements.

Team Members

Samuel Auzols - CEO and Lead Designer

After graduating in design with a background in business and engineering at Emlyon and Ecole Centrale.

Benjamin Ben Hattar - CTO

EPFL Physicist, Tokenomics and AI specialist reconverted in the management of innovative video games.

Tim Nguyen - Lead Game Developer

EPFL MSc in AI and UX designer, worked on all the technological aspects of creating a video game in VR and on PC.

Alvaro Pinedo - Game Developer

EPFL MSc in AI, Alvaro combines his in-depth knowledge of AI, VR and the most popular game engines to help us design the most innovative products in the world of video games.

Quentin Neves - Blockchain Innovation Lead

By continuing his project initiated with the CPNVES to research interactive NFTs with us, Quentin has propelled us to the forefront of innovation in the crypto sector.

Damaris Stevens - Character Designer

Master’s in Bioinformatics and character designer, she love to learn and I understand new concepts quickly, so she is always looking to push her work further and give it her best shot.

Zhang Zejun - Graphics Designer

3D artist who made possible the realization of the largest metaverse in virtual reality GangV Zhang has joined our team to continue to push the limits of immersion in the WEB3.

Nella Schehrer - Executive Assistant

With her two Masters in language learning through immersive technologies, Nella consolidates our international structure.