We are a team united by years of collaborations and successful projects. We have acquired a long experience of carrying projects from A to Z and we develop everything internally. This allows us to imagine developing projects that are infeasible for other teams in a few days. But don’t take our word for it and check out our previous achievements.


Shaban Shaame - Advisor

Shaban Shaame is a visionary leader and a pioneering force at the intersection of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. As the CEO and Founder of EverdreamSoft, a trailblazing Swiss company since 2010, Shaban has spearheaded the integration of blockchain in gaming, launching Spells of Genesis, the world's first blockchain-based mobile game. With over a decade of experience producing mobile games and more than eight years dedicated to blockchain gaming, Shaban's work has not only pushed the boundaries of digital ownership but also opened up new realms of possibilities for gamers worldwide. A co-founder and board member of the Blockchain Game Alliance, his expertise and passion for merging gaming with blockchain have positioned him as a leading figure in shaping the future of gaming.

Jonathan Beuchat - CFO and Finance Advisor

Jonathan Beuchat is a distinguished financial strategist and advisor, expertly navigating the complexities of accounting, finance, and tax law. As a partner at DYN - Fiduciaire, he specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions in financial reporting, mergers, acquisitions, budgeting, and financial planning. With a foundation in "CO," "Swiss GAAP RPC," and Swiss tax laws, Jonathan offers invaluable insights as a CFO, tax advisor, and board member, guiding entities through financial challenges with precision and foresight.

George Bowring

George Bowring, a dynamic digital entrepreneur, seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional business strategies and the burgeoning realms of Web 3.0. As a board member of several companies, George specializes in integrating tokenization, cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, digital art, decentralized finance, and crypto custody into corporate and institutional roadmaps. His forward-thinking approach not only demystifies the complexities of digital transformation but also leverages them as catalysts for growth. An avid investor and enthusiast of crypto and NFTs, George's entrepreneurial journey is marked by success and innovation, positioning him as a visionary leader shaping the future of art, finance & NFT.

David Granite

David Granite stands at the forefront of event technology innovation as a Creative Technologist at Dorier Group. His expertise lies in marrying marketing and technology to design and operate experiences that captivate audiences, enhancing what they see, hear, and feel. Known for his rapid ideation testing and mastery in go-to-market strategies, David’s versatility allows him to navigate the evolving landscape of technology with agility and foresight, ensuring memorable experiences that resonate on an emotional level.

Team Members

Samuel Auzols - CEO and Lead Designer

Samuel, co-founder & CEO of Shockwaves and a visionary in the gaming industry, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2009. With a specialized expertise in video games and their innovation, Samuel has successfully launched 7 VR games, captivating millions with immersive universes born from his creative genius. Beyond his talent as a designer, what truly sets Samuel apart is his unmistakable French accent—a charming touch that adds to his unique identity in the gaming world. His ability to blend cultural nuance with innovative gaming experiences has made him a distinguished figure, celebrated for shaping how people engage with virtual realms.

Benjamin Ben Hattar - CTO

Benjamin, the co-founder and CTO of Shockwaves, is a distinguished figure in the gaming industry, recognized for his expertise in video game innovation. With a remarkable track record of launching 7 successful VR games, his academic credentials, including a Master's degree in Physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne and an MBA, lay a solid foundation for his visionary contributions. Benjamin's profound knowledge in AI and blockchain technologies, coupled with his expertise in tokenomics, positions him at the forefront of driving innovation in gaming. His daily contributions to Shockwaves not only reflect his commitment to pushing boundaries but also his role as a pivotal architect in shaping the future of gaming and blockchain integration

David Lankri - COO

David brings a rich tapestry of experience to the crypto world since 2020, blending a strong foundation in economics and business from EMLyon Business School with a proven track record as a project manager across various industries. His transition from education to cryptocurrency showcases his adaptability and keen ability to bridge complex concepts with practical applications. David's sociable nature reflects his skill in fostering team cohesion and driving projects forward. Working with the Shockwaves team since its beginning, he brings a creative business vision that is essential for navigating the crypto gaming world.

Quentin Neves - Blockchain Innovation Lead

Quentin has a rich experience developing complex full stack applications from servers and databases to gaming. By continuing his project initiated with the CPNVES to research interactive NFTs with us, Quentin has propelled us to the forefront of innovation in the crypto sector and created the first interactive NFTs with included networked applications.

Tim Nguyen - Lead Game Developer

EPFL MSc in AI and UX designer, worked on all the technological aspects of creating a video game in VR and on PC.

Alvaro Pinedo - Game Developer

EPFL MSc in AI, Alvaro combines his in-depth knowledge of AI, VR and the most popular game engines to help us design the most innovative products in the world of video games.

Damaris Stevens - Character Designer

Master’s in Bioinformatics and character designer, she love to learn and I understand new concepts quickly, so she is always looking to push her work further and give it her best shot.

Zhang Zejun - Graphics Designer

3D artist who made possible the realization of the largest metaverse in virtual reality GangV Zhang has joined our team to continue to push the limits of immersion in the WEB3.

Nella Schehrer - Executive Assistant

With her two Masters in language learning through immersive technologies, Nella consolidates our international structure.

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