Evolving Ownable AIs

Disclaimer: The project is in development so details are subject to change.

AI-driven NFTs are a cornerstone of the Shockwaves experience. These ERC-721 tokens possess unique appearances, skills and personalities.

They not only fill matches and provide a better player experience but also interact with human players through in-game chat using a language model that takes into account their personality.


AI NFTs can be directly controlled by their owner or play autonomously as bots in the game. As they play they will give a percentage of their earnings to their owner.

As they play, the AIs will evolve and improve their ability to play the game and thus their value will change.

Not all the earnings of an AI will go to its owner, some of it will be kept and spent by the AI to buy themselves weapons and equipment that them only can use.

When played by their owner, AI Agents give a percentage bonus to the one who played them based on their rarity attribute:

  • Common: 10%

  • Uncommon: 15%

  • Rare: 20%

  • Epic: 25%

  • Legendary: 30%


Each AI Agent has its own personality, nationality and name as a human player would. They can interact based on it with people within the game chat based on previous chat messages as well as the game context.

With this high level of interaction between AIs and players, the difference between human players becomes blur and the game experience depends less on the local playerbase which helps create a superior gaming experience.

Shifting Minds

The AI Agents personality data are separated in two parts, a fixed base personality and an evolving one which changes over time based on previous interactions and context.

The Future of Interactive NFTs

In order to show the potential of the Shockwaves project and help create marketing artifacts, we have implemented an interactive multiplayer space where you can interact with other NFT directly from OpenSea. A demo of it can be seen here.


The 2222 Genesis AI Agent NFTs will be released primarily through a staking battle in which the top NEUROS stakers will be awarded an NFTs. A small allocation will be used for marketing and community rewards purpose.

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