The Neuros Token

Disclaimer: The project is in development so details are subject to change.

Shockwaves is powered by the Neuros, a BEP-20 token on BSC.


In-Game Currency

The Neuros serves as the primary in-game currency, enabling players to open lootboxes that contains tokenizable items like weapons and armors. In order to be used in Shockwaves, the Neuros tokens need to first be transmuted into xNeuros which is their server equivalent.

Staking and Rewards

Neuros token holders can stake their tokens to earn passive rewards, such as additional tokens, in-game assets, score bonus in-game, and other benefits. Different tiers of staking will offer different types and quantities of rewards. Staking not only incentivizes long-term holding of the token but also helps maintain a stable ecosystem.

Governance Rights

Token holders who stake their Neuros can participate in the governance of the project by voting for important project decisions and community proposals.

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