Deep Waves

Music as a Core Gameplay Element

Music is central in the gameplay as it impacts the movement of the players and the damage caused by weapons. The music also affects the environment visually to create an immersive feeling of being in a trailer as you play. It should help make the game streams and videos more entertaining to watch and help with the marketing of the game.

The unique gameplay, which is easy to learn yet difficult to master, makes it ideal for mass adoption by both Web3 and Web2 users.

The profound integration of music is also a good way to create meaningful partnerships with artists and other actors in the music industry.

Deep Waves

To make this possible, we use a U-Net based Deep Learning algorithm to extract important features from music. This data is then processed to extract different types of events which have an impact on the gameplay and visual effects within the game.

To create compelling visual effects, the music features are transformed into a visual representation which varies over time. This is done through a shader which modifies a texture in order to save performance by doing the operations in parallel on the GPU.

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