The Arcade

The Arcade is a browser-based community metaverse meant to build traction and partnership opportunities for Shockwaves.

Several promotional spaces are available for partner projects to be integrated and for them to do advertisements. There is also a large screen where announcements, trailers etc. can be broadcasted to everyone in the space.

Win-win utility for other projects

Besides the AI Agents, NFT characters from different projects can be used within the Arcade. Being integrated into the Arcade can be a great boost for other NFT communities, especially those at an early stage, as it gives a utility and a communication platform for them.

It is also very beneficial for Shockwaves as it brings funding and people from dynamic new projects into its ecosystem, thus capitalizing on their launch hype.

Gameplay and tournaments

In order to make the space more entertaining and to get people to interact, a mini-game of capturing the crown has been implemented.

Tournaments are organized to receive NFT rewards from us or partner projects which creates powerful partnerships and dynamize the Arcade.

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