Core Gameplay

Disclaimer: Gameplay mechanics are subject to change based on the players' and investors' feedback.
Shockwaves is an online first person shooter where music and AIs are an integral part of the game experience.

AIs at the Center of the Game

AIs are essential in any game for testing, addressing fluctuations in the player base, and enhancing the overall player experience.
AI NFTs can either be controlled by their owner when he play, otherwise they play by themselves and have their own personalities, background and skills at playing that evolve as they play.
They are not just filling the matches, they are equal to human players and they can interact in the chat with other players through a language model.

AIs and the Economy

A part of the rewards AIs earn in-game go to their owner, they are free to use the rest to buy weapons and equipment for themselves.
One of the advantages of this type of economic model is that it removes the incentive to target players who only play to earn as a job and who are unlikely to bring money to the game's economics. While these players may fill the game, it would dilute the potential earnings and create a selling pressure on the token.

Music as a Core Gameplay Element

Music is central in the gameplay as it impacts the movement of the players and the damage caused by weapons. The music also affects the environment visually to create an immersive feeling of being in a trailer as you play. It should help make the game streams and videos more entertaining to watch and help with the marketing of the game.
The unique gameplay, which is easy to learn yet difficult to master, makes it ideal for mass adoption by both Web3 and Web2 users.

Deep Waves

To make this possible, we use a U-Net based Deep Learning algorithm to extract important features from music. This data is then processed to extract different types of events which have an impact on the gameplay and visual effects within the game.

Game Objectives

Shockwaves is an online first person shooter where teams compete to destroy the opposing team's base. The winning team will receive higher rewards than their opponents and the rewards will take into account different factors such as the kill/death ratio and the number of kills.

Community Led Development

Community development is a critical aspect of Shockwaves. Ensuring that the gaming community feels engaged and heard is essential for creating a thriving and sustainable ecosystem. Our goal is to be as accessible and transparent with the community as possible through streams, Discord and other platforms.