Dynamic Tournaments

Frequent tournaments of Shockwaves give rewards in Neuros token to the best players of the tournament. The rewards given are usually in the form of Neuros and NFTs which are directly airdropped to the winners.

Giving Neuros tokens to top players is a way to bring Web2 players to our blockchain community and ecosystem and therefore constitutes a gateway to staking, DAOs etc.

Tournaments with other projects

To bring people from other communities to Shockwaves, we organize exceptional tournaments with other Web3 projects with rewards provided by them. The first of these tournaments is the Pink Week during which the winners earn an airdrop of their tokens.

Some events can require an NFT to participate towards the leaderboard. Players who don't own that NFT can still play won't be able to receive any reward from that tournament.

Our goal is to bring Web3 communities together so community members are welcome to introduce other projects they wish to see a tournament with.

AI Agents in tournaments

AI Agents participate to tournaments in the same way as human players. If an AI Agent reaches the top of the leaderboard, the rewards will be sent to the owner of that NFT. Some AI Agents have already been in the top 10 of tournaments and their owners have received Neuros tokens as rewards.

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